Intramurals ignite anew after 2-year hiatus

January 6, 2023
Published: 9:01 am January 6, 2023 | Updated: 9:08 am January 6, 2023

FEU Roosevelt Rodriguez reinstated its annual intramurals last December 14 and 15, 2022, which were participated by budding athletes from the school.

Written by Russel Timothy Martin and Althea Chloe Tabia

The opening ceremony started with a parade comprising students, teachers, and players from different grade levels, which the school’s scout members ushered.

As they all walked to the gymnasium, the players waved their banners with their team’s names.

People slowly lined up, with players inside the gymnasium and their classmates supporting them. On the left were the elementary students joining the event.

Supporters from different grade levels stepped on the stage to shout their yells. The Elementary Wizards’ supporters started it with a simple motivational yell emphasized with simple hand movements.

Grade 7 Spartans had an all-girl cheering squad wearing green shirts, the color of their team, and a drummer who led the beat.

The Grade 8 Olympians cheered with their golden headdress, uttering, “Gold and gold, fight and fight, green and green, let’s go, Olympians!”

The Grade 9 Samurai proudly displayed their golden headdress and red outfit, going with the beat of the drums. They have embraced this Japanese Samurai theme, including Japanese words in their yell, ending it with “Let’s go, Samurai, let’s go!”

The Grade 10 Blue Pirates doubled their energy in this cheer with the theme of the opening song of SpongeBob SquarePants.

With their drums and everything, Grade 11 Vikings were in full force, yelling, “We, the Vikings, are the best” and “Let’s go, Vikings.”

Grade 12 Knights tried to match the energy of Grade 10 Blue Pirates with a jollier impromptu dance.

Balloons with each team’s colors were released into the air, followed by the performance of the Dance Club.

Muse and escorts representing different teams had a runway walk, showcasing their jerseys and costumes to the audience and judges.

Later, the torch was lit and showcased to the crowd. All players were then called to the court to take their oath of sportsmanship.

The school’s principal and campus head, Mrs. Maria Teresa Angeles, and the event hosts emphasized that the intramurals are a friendly competition. “Since friendly game, walang sakitan walang samaan ng loob,” she said.

Mrs. Angeles emphasized that the players should not do the incidents seen on TV where players engage in brawls. “Hindi po natin ‘yun dapat gawin, let us all play as friends, as schoolmates, dapat enjoy lahat tayo,” she said.

“Ang pinakamahalaga, tayo ay good sport dahil alam natin we all worked hard for this,” she added.

A reminder of “clean as you go” was emphasized so people would be disciplined during the intramurals. “Sa lahat ng gagamitin nating facilities sa paaralan, linisin natin pag-alis natin,” the event host, Mr. Lester Torres said.

Mrs. Angeles later announced the winners of the special awards. The liveliest group chosen by the judges was awarded to the Grade 10 Blue Pirates, and the most colorful group was awarded to the Grade 7 Spartans.

The two teams cheered as they were awarded, and their advisers stepped on stage to claim the title and the prize—a bucket of biscuits.

Miss Intramurals 2022 was awarded to Athena Joyce Apolinario from Grade 12 Knights, while the title of Mister Intramurals was given to Christian Cruz of Grade 11 Vikings. They both received a sash and a gift.

The opening ceremony ended with the faculty posing for a photo opportunity.

After the intense matches between different teams, the Intramurals ended with a closing ceremony on the afternoon of December 15, 2022. For the last time, players and their supporters gathered in the FEU Roosevelt Rodriguez Gymnasium for the awarding ceremonies.

Before the awarding ceremony, championship games for volleyball and basketball were held at the gymnasium. Additionally, a chess match happened online.

The Grade 11 Vikings triumphed in women’s volleyball, while the 12 Knights won in men’s volleyball. The winners were delighted with their achievements, and so were the competitors because they could participate in FEUR Intramurals.

The men’s basketball team of Grade 12 Knights attained victory. “Halos 1 week kami nag-ensayo nang malala para sa darating na finals, then bago magsimula yung game, sinabi ni Ayuson na lahat kami mag-focus at wag mag pa-distract, sa laro lang ang attention at dapat gigil manalo,” Clark Arabia said on how he and his teammates prepared before the game.

He also shared what he felt after winning. “Nakatutuwa syempre kasi last year na namin dito sa FEU tapos nag-champion pa kami, and I feel super happy sa mga kakampi ko kasi binigay nila ang best nila sa game na ‘yon. Super worth it lahat ng pagod sa training.” He added that the team celebrated their win after their Christmas party.

During the awarding ceremony, the 2nd runner-up, 1st runner-up, and the champions gathered to receive their medals and take pictures.

Congratulations to all the winners and competitors!

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