FEUR RODRIGUEZ English Week Celebration Day 1

December 13, 2022
Published: 9:13 am December 13, 2022 | Updated: 9:14 am December 13, 2022

Rodriguez Rizal, November 25, 2022 – After two years of remote learning due to the pandemic, FEU Roosevelt Rodriguez was finally able to celebrate the English week face to face inside their campus. It was a 2-part event led by the English department of FEUR Rodriguez, who prepared activities for Tamaraws to show their talents and, of course, have fun!

Authors: Elisha Balanquit and Sebastian S. Avila

One of the events of FEUR Rodriguez’s English Week is a battle of knowledge and memorization of English words. “Vest in Spelling” is a creative spelling contest played by a group with 9 participants from 10-Aguinaldo, 10-Bonifacio, 12-HUMSS, and 12-STEM.

One of the game mechanics stated that every participant needs to wear a vest with letters pasted on its front and back, and the players shall remember them correctly. The contest is composed of 2 rounds–each has a unique flow. In the 1st round, the players needed to spell a word correctly for 3 points. The points were given to the group that rang the bell first and spelled the word correctly. During the second round, players were tasked to spell at least 3-letter words for 60 seconds. Points depended on the word length: 1 point for a 3-letter word, 3 for a 4-letter word, 5 points for a 5-7-letter word, and 10 points for an 8-letter word.

During the preliminary round, 10-Bonifacio bested 10-Aguinaldo while 12-STEM won over 12-HUMSS. In the final round, 10-Bonifacio was the winner, claiming the title of “Vest in Spelling.”

Tamaraws from the 8th and 10th grades also showed creativity in the Book Cover Exhibit. This was one of the activities for the English Week Celebration FEUR Rodriguez; students created life-size book covers of well-known fictional stories.

Tamaraws also demonstrated acting talents and eloquence during the “Dramatic Reading Contest.” The contest is among their Grade 9 students, specifically 9-Catmon, 9-Arayat, 9-Pamitinan, and 9-Mayon with their section’s chosen representatives as the contestants.

9-Arayat secured 1st place in the contest with their marvelous performance of the story “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.” The students portrayed characters from the story, namely Snow White, the Evil Queen, the Magic Mirror, the Seven Dwarves, the Prince, and the Huntsman. They also reenacted Snow White being poisoned by the Evil Queen and saved by the prince. Coming in at 2nd place was 9-Mayon, who has cut close in points with their performance of “The Little Red Riding Hood.”

That concluded the 1st batch of FEUR Rodriguez’s English Week celebration, but there is still more fun to look forward to. The English Week Celebration for this school year will continue on November 28 for the 2nd part, which will be just as fun and exciting to close the event officially.

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