FEUR English Week 2022: An Enchanting Storytelling Experience Unfolds!

December 13, 2022
Published: 9:24 am December 13, 2022 | Updated: 9:24 am December 13, 2022

Hold on tight, Tams — English Week was a wild ride!

Authors: Karl Nathaneal Biscocho, Ma. Lhance Judelyne Blances, and Margaret Melendres

Following two years of online learning, the FEU Roosevelt Rodriguez commemorated this year’s celebration of the English language with an in-person event hosted on November 25th and 28th at their campus. 

On the 28th of November 2022, Ernest Macas of STEM A and Alyza Arguelles of STEM C hosted a storytelling event in light of the celebration of English Week. The event featured talented storytellers: Jamie Perdon from STEM F and Suzane Francisco from STEM A. Other than that, two seventh graders – Maria Jeslyn B. Santiago (7 – GUMAMELA) and Dara Madlyn B. Galvez (7-ASTER) – cosplayed as characters Anya and Becky, respectively from the popular Japanese manga series, “Spy x Family.” 

In an interview, a teacher at the occasion shared the reason behind the holiday celebration. “It’s because we need to regain our roots and reflect on the past via literature,” the event’s teacher retorted.  

Before the storytelling began, the children were ecstatic as the lights went out and the fireworks were projected. The cosplayers then entered and started interacting with them, which made the children even more thrilled than they already were. Soon after, Ernest Macas commenced the program with a warm greeting before asking the children why they were there that day. “Manonood ng babasa sa screen,” a kid said proudly. More questions were then asked, and each student who answered received a candy. 

The rules for the event were stated during the hosts’ opening remarks to maintain discipline and order. Such rules included being quiet and enjoying the overall event. Although keeping track of all the kids was challenging, the hosts did their jobs. 

After the introduction, the event finally commenced with Elsa and Aurora’s costumes worn by Jamie and Suzanne – the event’s storytellers. Jamie first began reading the popular story “Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf”. The children’s reactions ranged from fear to delight. They were terrified of the wolf who devoured Little Red Riding Hood’s grandmother, yet they howled in unison, emulating the wolf. The story progressed, and there never was a dull moment. 

The host posed questions, adding to the children’s excitement by rewarding those who answered with sweets. He asked, “What was the story about?” where a first grader, Cassandra, riposted “Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf.” Another question followed: “What was the girl’s lesson?” replied Hailie Sy from the same grade, “You shouldn’t trust strangers in the woods.” Indeed, the children got entertained and gained new lessons and knowledge as more questions from the emcee followed! 

Following the intriguing story told by Jamie, the next storyteller – Suzane Francisco – was more than ready to present the wonderful story of “Cinderella.” With her sleeping beauty costume, she captivated and engaged the children in the story while asking questions in between. 

After an enthralling story, the host returned to the spotlight and asked questions about the story. “Who wants to become a prince or a princess? Why?” was one to which one kid replied – “I want to be a king to help everyone!” 

The event ended with success as the emcees, and the audience shared a warm round of applause for the great stories, amazing storytellers, and behaved listeners. It concluded with a magical photoshoot with the princess storytellers and a candy giveaway before it was time to return to their classrooms. 

The children, without a doubt, walked out of the event with an unforgettable experience of enchanting stories and captivating people who helped make a lasting memory for them in this year’s English week. 

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