Tamaraws from Qatar face off in fierce festivities at their first Intramurals

December 25, 2022
Published: 8:47 pm December 25, 2022 | Updated: 8:47 pm December 25, 2022

On Friday, the 9th of December 2022, offshore Tamaraws all over Qatar gathered at the Arab International
Academy to compete and connect in their highly anticipated face-to-face event of the school year―the FEURR Qatar Intramurals!

Written by: Keizha Nunez & Hailey Celemen

From students to parent volunteers, each showed enthusiasm as numerous activities and performances took place during this lively affair. 

Before the various activities and performances prepared by the admins, students were assembled according to their grade level by the bleachers of the academy’s vast, green field. Some parents and FEURR representatives accompanied the Tamaraws as they awaited the approaching event. Soon after, at exactly 7:00 AM (Arabian Standard Time), the event formally began with the formal recognition of the Philippine and Qatari national anthems, succeeded by the opening remarks of Ms. Azon Lopez to welcome everyone participating in the occasion.

Subsequently, an opening act was performed by the endearing Grade 1 students, in which they displayed their vibrant dance number to the FIFA World Cup 2022 songs. Following that was an astonishing demonstration of the spirited Tamaraws of the Pinoy Taekwondo Center’s taekwondo skills.

After the opening acts concluded, the countless athletic activities in store for the day were set into motion. The first activity that united all the Tamaraws in attendance was the 120m (about 393.7 ft) Fun Run. Students who ran the 120-meter stretch were awarded a special certificate to congratulate them for their participation and completion following the extensive jog.

The volleyball games for the selected JHS and SHS students, both men and women, were then held at the academy’s outdoor volleyball courts. The first game had players ranging from Grades 7-9 and the second from Grades 10-12. Concurrently, the game Red Light Green Light also took place in the school field, and most students, most notably in the Elementary department, left the area with rewarding smiles as the game finished. Furthermore, the students played dynamic games like Patintero, Tug of War, Dodgeball, and even Sack Race!

Over the vast space of the academy’s field lay an indoor gym wherein other competitions happened. For instance, we have the long-awaited pageant of that day―The FEUR Mr. and Ms. Intrams!  The pageant consisted of three main parts: sportswear, formal wear, and the awarding portion. Candidates showed great charm and charisma by introducing themselves in their sporty attires and matching props. On the other hand, the students put their best foot forward as they walked the runway with elegance in their cultural attire. In the end, the candidates with the most confidence in their struts emerged out of the pageant victorious.

In line with the Mr. & Ms. Intrams pageant, they also had intermission acts, including dance numbers from a Grade 7 group and a mixed grade-level trio (G7, G11, G12) and some song numbers from a Grade 2 student and a Grade 9 trio. A Chess competition also took place inside the gym, having four rounds: Elimination Round, 1st Round, 2nd Round, and the Final Round. 

As the pageant ended, students gathered around the middle of the gym with anticipation as the exchange gift was about to begin. All students who took part in the exchange walked away with gratitude and traded gifts in hand.

Last but not least, the Basketball players started to warm up and divide into teams for the most anticipated game of the day―basketball! A total of 48 minutes was put into action as the young male athletes went head-to-head in competing for the title of champions. 

The students that were interviewed shared their insights on the event. “Since the activity I chose was Tug of War, I believe that we need great teamwork to win, and as for the event, I think that it would turn out fun cause’ of the energy our Tamaraws have shown,” a Grade 8 student shared.

A Grade 2 student was also satisfied with the event. “Even though I didn’t join any activity yet, I think they all look exciting, and I can also make new friends too!”

Fortunately, the event met the students’ expectations and served them with amusement and enjoyment. In addition, FEURR Tamaraws proved their sportsmanship as competitive physical activities happened.

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