Leadership Amidst the New Normal

February 23, 2021
Published: 12:40 pm February 23, 2021 | Updated: 1:04 pm February 23, 2021

Leadership Amidst the New Normal

Article by: Jacky-Lyn C. Del Rosario

Leaders are made; they are not born,” says a famous quote by legendary American Football Coach Vince Lombardi. Others might say, “Well, there are natural-born leaders.” Yes, one can have it in their blood, but it does not equate to being a quality and prominent leader. Leadership is a skill one needs to learn and practice before you can make people execute a common goal and bring out the best in the team. 

The year 2020 challenged the world due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Physical gatherings are prohibited, so does organization events. Leaders all over the country could not arrange annual events of their respective organizations as they used to. In this New Normal, the question is: Is it still possible to lead amidst the pandemic and the New Normal?

The answer is YES. Interact Club of FEU Roosevelt Rodriguez presented a webinar titled “Leadership amidst the New Normal.” Two eloquent speakers tackled several issues a leader often experience and the essential skills of a good and quality leader. The webinar’s dearest guest speakers have handled various and diverse organizations, and even amidst the pandemic, their spirit of being a leader never faltered. The first speaker, Miss Christine M. Nicolas, talks about stress management among leaders. Indeed, leaders have many things in their hands: organization responsibilities, academics, jobs, household chores, and even church commitments. A leader needs to have well-managed stress and a balanced workload. Second, Mr. John Marvin R. Leonor elaborated on the leaders’ must-have skills. He significantly pointed out soft skills, like proper communication with members. In this manner, leaders could have an impressive effect in speaking, making them more persuasive and efficient.

Integrity – Influence – Humility.

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