FEU’s TamGabay Aral Project provides Laptop to FEU Roosevelt students

April 4, 2022
Published: 9:43 am April 4, 2022 | Updated: 9:43 am April 4, 2022

The pandemic had a significant impact in the Philippines, particularly in the context of teaching and learning. Due to the cessation of face-to-face classes in the country, schools have turned to remote online learning classes as a means of continuing education despite the pandemic. However, not all students have the capacity to use the gadgets that are required for their learning, prompting them to choose the remote offline without internet mode of learning.

Article by: Johanna Yanson

Last September 30, 2021, the Far Eastern University Volunteerism Services Office and Alumni Relations Office shared their project to FEU Roosevelt that aimed to provide assistance to students affected by the pandemic. This project is known as TAMGabay Aral Project, and it involved the distribution of electronic gadgets to financially-challenged but deserving students across all FEU campuses.

Mrs. Marilou F. Cao, Director of Volunteerism Services Office, has stated the TamGabay Aral project’s mission and objectives in her opening speech during the awarding of laptops ceremony. According to her, the funds for this project came from the alumni and students of FEU, international friends, and the FEU Volunteerism Services Office. This project paves way to the school’s objective to foster a service-oriented community that produces graduates with competence and character. After Mrs. Cao’s message, the signing of the certificates and grant agreement by the principals of FEU Roosevelt Campuses, Mrs. Maria Teresa Angeles (FEUR Rodriguez) and Mrs. Dena Culaba (FEUR Marikina), together with Mr. John Cristopher Ubaldo, OIC Head of FEUR Cainta, and Ms. Jessica Lipio, Tertiary Education Representative, was held.

Chanel Lois Dagohoy (Grade 11-STEM B)and Elaijah Marie Blancaflor (Grade 12-HUMSS) of FEUR Cainta were some of the lucky and deserving beneficiaries of the TamGabay Aral project. During an interview, both of them expressed their gratitude for the laptops, stating that they would truly benefit from them and have motivated them to put in more effort in their studies.

Mr. John Christopher Ubaldo, the OIC Head and Benefactor Representative of FEUR Cainta, said in an interview that even if the laptops are limited to two, it will still benefit students and teachers because it reduces the number of remote offline without internet or the modular students. He also stated that, unlike modular learning, it will ensure the quality of instruction while students engage in an online learning set-up. The TamGabay Event truly instills hope in students who want to gain knowledge and receive quality education in the new normal.

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