FEUR Rodriguez’s Club Fair 2022

October 24, 2022
Published: 4:17 pm October 24, 2022 | Updated: 4:26 pm October 24, 2022

Spearheaded by the current student council officers and members, FEUR Rodriguez commenced their first-ever onsite club fair after switching from remote online to hybrid face-to-face classes. Being the first for this school year and the first after two years, the Club Fair 2022 unveiled new and fun future experiences for Tamaraws to remember.

Article by: Sebastian Avila and Sean Guerrero

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, FEUR Rodriguez transitioned into virtual and remote learning.  All events were celebrated by Tamaraws separately without seeing their schoolmates, classmates, teachers, and friends.  However, after two years of waiting, on Monday, October 17, 2022, the gymnasium was filled with loud music and excited students, surrounded by colorful and decorated stalls of various clubs, prepared and created for the S.Y. 2022-2023 most awaited event—The FEURR Club Fair! 

The event officially started with the opening remarks given by Student Council President Benj Andrei Roxas. It was then followed by what we can consider one of the highlights to remember, the introduction of the moderators of each existing club for this school year.  They became the day stars as they strut the red carpet, representing their respective clubs with their gimmicks and sayings to make it more fun and exciting.

Entering with the old clubs on the red carpet were the newly established clubs who made their first appearance in front of everyone.  These two clubs are off to join the Tamaraws to make this school year more fun-filled.

Introducing the Fashion Designer’s Club, a club launched just this year, who walked down the red carpet with style. Together with club moderator Ms. Christina Arevalo, a club member displayed a fancy black shining gown designed by Ms. Arevalo and entered the spotlight, waving to the audience, making their presence known with elegance and grace.

In a separate interview with Ms. Christina Arevalo and the club’s representative, Mr. Hynrich John Allen Lo, they told us many interesting stories about them and their newly established club. 

The Fashion Designer’s club is unexpected for Ms. Arevalo. She said that she entered FEUR without intentions of running a club, and the idea of building this club is the brainchild of FEUR Rodriguez’s Academic Coordinator, Mrs. Leonila Santos and the Junior High School Guidance Officer, Mrs. Carol Santiago.  In her story, she told us that Mrs. Leonila Santos suggested that there should be a club that aims to instruct the students and younger generations about sewing their clothes instead of buying branded ones.  The idea is pushed onto her since many children do not even know how to sew. Ms. Arevalo agreed since, according to her, fashion and design are already her professions, and she has a skill for sewing.

Ms. Christina Arevalo started gathering club members when the club list was finalized in September. At first, she did not aim for many members since the club had just begun. The members she first scouted are Ms. Desiree Pauly Silvano from 11-STEM B as their first dressmaker. She was followed by the representative Mr. Hynrich John Allen Lo, from 9-Mayon as their first designer, who said in an interview that he was referred to Ms. Arevalo by his TLE subject teacher.

That is how their club was formed before entering the Club Fair. Interestingly, this club was supposed to be named the “Young Sewers Club,” but Mrs. Santiago enhanced it and made it catchier. Thus, the Fashion Designer’s Club was born. 

Ms. Arevalo said that the Fashion Designer’s Club aims not only to teach their members how to sew but also to improve their creativity through fashion and design. In addition, the club’s purpose is to promote Tamaraws’ passion for doing and learning fashion design and modelling. They also said the club is for every student who wants to show their fashion design and modelling skills. 

With the follow-up question, how does the Fashion Designer’s Club feel about their first appearance at the Club Fair? Mr. Hynrich John Allen Lo said they were initially nervous, but instead of giving in to it, they still maintained their confidence. He told us this is to influence other students who hope to be part of them since the Fashion Designer’s Club is not just building gowns—but also confidence. 

An exciting club also rose during this school year—The Anime Club!  This club is being handled by Ms. Maria Carmencita Miguel, the previous Mathrix Club moderator. 

The Anime Club was formed to gather students with the same interest in Japanese anime, to let them socialize more and show more confidence in expressing themselves through the said art form. 

In an interview with the club representative, they said, “We originally came from Mathrix club.” As the name suggests, the club was formed because Ms. Miguel saw that some students from their previous club were interested in Japanese anime, thus leading them to request a proper club related to their hobbies.

With that, it is incredible how the club was formed since it was purely out of their interest and passion. They added that it is a club for students who feel out of place due to their interest in anime.

In a separate interview with some students at the event, most said it was exciting since it was their first time attending a face-to-face club day. One of the students said, “I missed it; it has been years since the last face-to-face club day commenced.” It has been years since the last club day happened, and we were still not wearing face masks at that time.   The club day for the 2nd batch is set to commence on Monday, October 24, 2022, at the same time and exact location as the 1st batch’s club day. There are a lot of clubs to choose from, ranging from academic clubs to sports clubs. Enjoyment is guaranteed as it is the first face-to-face club day since 2019. Seminars and orientation are expected to begin soon. Photo booths are also available for students to have their very own memories captured. That concludes the first part of the 2022 FEUR Rodriguez’s face-to-face club day.

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