FEUR Cainta Parents and Students attend PEAC Primer Orientation

April 4, 2022
Published: 10:30 am April 4, 2022 | Updated: 10:30 am April 4, 2022

Parents and students were invited to an orientation on November 6, 2021, where Mr. John Cristopher Ubaldo, the OIC Head of FEUR Cainta, discussed how the Private Education Assistance Committee (PEAC) helps in decongesting overcrowded public Junior High schools and provides financial assistance to students.

Article by: Aliyah Islam

The Government Assistance and Subsidies, also known as GAS, extends succor to enrollees in DepEd (Department of Education) schools and involves the participation of non-DepEd schools. This provides opportunities for students to study in private Junior High schools. FEU Roosevelt Cainta is a private school that offers the Education Service Contracting (ESC) and the Senior High School (SHS) Voucher program. The Education Service Contracting (ESC) is a partnership program of financial assistance by DepEd wherein subsidies called ESC or Senior High School grants are given to qualified Grade 7 to 12 students from participating schools to expand access to quality education in Junior and Senior High School. Schools that become ESC/SHS Voucher-participating schools are given a limited number of slots that come with subsidies called ESC/SHS voucher grants. Program beneficiaries are called ESC/SHS Qualified Voucher Beneficiaries (QVB). Elementary graduates from a DepEd public school or recognized private school, students that have not been recipients of ESC in their previous school years, and Filipino citizens are eligible for this program. The subsidy can be terminated once the student dropped out, did not re-enroll for the following school year, transferred to a non-ESC-participating JHS/SHS, was suspended for more than two weeks, or was expelled by an ESC-participating school.

FEUR Cainta also gives entrance, earned academic, and non-academic scholarships to more learners to experience future-ready learning. Education is open for all, but not everyone gets it. At these times of hardships, schools find ways to continue quality education for students to achieve the tomorrow they are working hard for.

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