Elementary Pupils Participate in Headdress Making Activity

April 4, 2022
Published: 9:37 am April 4, 2022 | Updated: 9:37 am April 4, 2022

As part and celebration of the Wellness Month, FEU Roosevelt Cainta provided activities, dubbed as WellnessatFEURCainta, to remind its students how important their health is. The Elementary Education Department’s Headdress Making Activity was held as part of the activities prepared for Wellness Month.

Article by: Alyssa Jazmine D. Puncia

“Health is wealth.”

This saying has been around since forever. It may sound simple, yet health is truly richer than silver and gold. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle will benefit people to strive for decades and have an active life. It should always be prioritized and as the school’s partaking, they allocate a month to celebrate and rekindle health. 

The Elementary Education Department pupils were able to enjoy activities and programs safely regardless of the pandemic. On September 20, 2021, the elementary department students from Kinder to Grade 6 showcased their homemade headdresses to symbolize their favorite fruits and vegetables. As part of their activity, they sent pictures of them wearing their output, which was notably crafted with creativity and resourcefulness. The pupils executed their ideas by using printed materials, construction paper, and some even used real perishable items. Through the help of the class advisers, a  Microsoft Teams Meeting was held  for students to showcase their headdresses in class.

Celebrating Wellness Month is an act of tender care for health by institutions like FEU Roosevelt Cainta. Although this may seem like an annual monthly event, know that health is celebrated every day. The needs of the body such as in the form of food, recreational activities, and attention should always be acknowledged and prioritized. Health is truly wealth, since taking proper care of it will lead to life’s abundance and longevity.

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