COD Battle Royale

May 22, 2021
Published: 4:26 pm May 22, 2021 | Updated: 4:26 pm May 22, 2021

88th Founding Anniversary of FEU Roosevelt – CODM Game

COD Battle Royale
Article by Ayla Angeles, 8 – Narra

After 22 minutes of combat with the safe zone continuously shrinking, team 5 “MANOKNISANPEDRO” was held victor above 14 other teams with two of their members left standing on the battlefield. Philip Joshua R. Crisostomo “BigoteNiMoises” showed gratifying executions at the last minutes of the game, thus becoming the MVP with a total of 7 kills.

The game started strong with 15 teams enthusiastically aiming to win. As the safe zone started to shrink many participants and teams were not able to make it through.

Team 5 won when “BigoteNiMoises” finishes the last member of the last opposing team, team 10 “BADMIND”, but he eventually dies after this. Team 5 “MANOKNISANPEDRO” won the game with two of their members left standing, “Franceskyoti” and “IbonNgIbon”.

“MANOKNISANPEDRO” accumulated a total of 17 kills, “BigoteNiMoises” with 7, “Franceskyoti” with 6, “KaibigangPedro” and “IbonNgIbon” with both 2 kills each.

The champion of this COD Battle Royale is “MANOKNISANPEDRO” with Philip Joshua R. Crisostomo, Mico Louis R. Rivera, Jewel Genson S. Celso, and Franz Isaac A. Francisco.

The 1st Runner-up went to “BADMIND” with John Miguel B. Taduran, Harold Nicholas M. Arcaina, Cheermagne De Guia, and Joebrix F. Rubrica.

“RAGNA LEGION” got 3rd Place with Norvin R. Palma Jr., Christian Benedict R. Carreos, Nicolas Timothy E. Dizon, and Arman R. Pasague Jr.

The Call of Duty Battle Royale was held on the 88th Founding Anniversary of FEU Roosevelt Rodriguez and was participated in by 57 Junior and Senior High school students forming 15 teams. The live streaming suffered a few technical “connection” problems throughout the game, but the commentators were still able to pull it off and give their audiences a very entertaining time.

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