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May 22, 2021
Published: 2:00 pm May 22, 2021 | Updated: 4:29 pm May 22, 2021

88th Founding Anniversary of FEU Roosevelt

Article by Airah Jane E. Villaruz, 12 – STEM D

In connection with the celebration of the 88th Founding Anniversary of FEU Roosevelt, selected students from the elementary and secondary education departments of FEUR Rodriguez took part in the championship round of the FEU Roosevelt Rodriguez Quiz Bee which is about the history of FEU Roosevelt and general knowledge on January 28, 2021. At exactly 10:08 am, the live feed for the competition was made available for public viewing in the Facebook page of the FEU Roosevelt Rodriguez Student Council (FEURRSC).

The FEURRSC representatives from grades 10 to12 facilitated the FEURR Quiz Bee via Microsoft Teams. Grade 11 representative, Jiana Sophia Salvador, was the moderator for the elementary education department. Elaika Marie Jamero and Angela Clarideth Vergara, Grade 10 and 12 representatives, were the facilitators for the secondary education department. There were 7 participants for the elementary division from Grades 3–6 and 6 participants for the secondary division from Grades 7–12.

The moderators began the event by giving their greetings and clarifying the mechanics. Contestants were advised to use two devices: one for answering the quiz and another for monitoring while they are answering the quiz. “Kahoot!” was the chosen platform for the game. For the elementary division, there was a single round with 20 questions and a time limit of 20 seconds each. In contrast, two rounds were performed for the secondary department: moderate and difficult, each having 20 questions, or 40 questions in total. For the moderate round, participants were able to acquire 1,000 points for each question, whereas, for the difficult round, they had 2,000 points for each. The participants have 20 seconds to answer the set of questions. The point system solely relied on who answered the fastest and acquired the most points.

The victor for the elementary division was Shenica Matabang from Grade 6-Amiable, answering 12 out of 20 questions and receiving 10,770 points. Irish Darcelle Gonzales from Grade 3-Truthful took the second place with a score of 12 out of 20 and collecting 10,134 points. Lastly, Sabina Marchella Del Rosario from Grade 5-Proficient took the third place with a final score of 11 out of 20 questions and 9,936 points. 

The champion for the secondary division was John Xavier Del Socorro from Grade 12-HUMMS answering 35 out of 40 questions and acquiring 32,503 points. Next in line was Erich Danielle Orlino from Grade 9-Arayat for second place with 34 out of 40 questions with 31,640 points. Lastly, Third Place went to Marc Reggie Sean Magracia from Grade 10-Mabini with a final score of 33 out of 40 and 30,691 points.

The live stream ended at exactly 10:59 am after announcing the winners for the secondary division. The closing words were made by the moderators Elaika Marie Jamero and Angela Clarideth Vergara, as they invited their audience to watch the next event. 

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