Appreciating Mentors on World Teacher’s Day Celebration

April 4, 2022
Published: 9:50 am April 4, 2022 | Updated: 9:52 am April 4, 2022

On October 6, 2021, FEU Roosevelt Cainta celebrated the annual “World Teacher’s Day” by honoring the school’s hardworking and passionate teachers who have been offering their hearts and minds in teaching and caring for the students for many years now. This celebration was held online and did not hinder the FEUR Cainta Tamaraws to express their gratitude for their beloved second parents.

Article by: Beatrice Reyes & Hailey Francisco

Surprise Teacher’s Day Celebration

A local celebration was held in each grade level where the students and their teachers had fun together through various activities that were prepared by student organizers. It was a good and refreshing moment for both the teachers and the students to be in a carefree environment while being in the company of each other. The laughter shared during the local celebration made the day even more memorable for all who were present.

Later in the afternoon, everyone gathered at FEU Roosevelt Gazette’s Facebook page to witness a special dedication video made for the teachers. Messages from the school community were given alongside the students’ and alumni’s greetings. Performances from some of our talented Tamaraws were featured as well. These activities were done to honor and recognize each FEU Roosevelt Cainta teacher for their outstanding service and sacrifices for the students.

Tribute to Teachers TikTok Challenge

Teachers guide students in life and lead them to the right path; thus, they deserve recognition for all the hard work that they give. Students have their own way to show their love to their teachers: gifts, letters, performances, and many more. But this year, FEU Roosevelt challenged students to honor their mentors on Teacher’s Day via TikTok through the Thank You Teacher Challenge. 

The contest was made open to all students of FEU Roosevelt; however, only three students stood out in honoring their teachers. Dylan Eugalca, who was awarded 3rd place in the Thank You Teacher Challenge, played the song “You Raise Me Up” through a piano performance, which he dedicated to all the FEUR teachers and to all teachers around the world. Meanwhile, Rochelle Gerarman, who was awarded as the 2nd place, chose to take the memory lane for her Tiktok video where she showed her love to her teachers by reminding them of all the good memories they had during the face-to-face set-up. Jian Claire Babina from FEU Roosevelt Cainta Elementary Education Department bagged the 1st place where she performed a poetry recital that filled all the teachers’ hearts with awe. She said that she would like to be a teacher because no matter how hard it is to get, even if it is up in the stars, she will succeed. She also mentioned in her poem that a teacher guides the youth to a better path, opens their eyes to the reality of the world, and are the true heroes of our generation.

A lot of the tributes on TikTok really amazed all of the teachers. This shows the impact of FEUR teachers to their students’s lives and their teachings to be humble and grateful amidst the tough times.

Snapshots: Teachers Special

School memories are one of the most wonderful things anyone can keep and remember for the rest of their lives. It is not just the fun experience that makes an event memorable but also the people they were with during those times. In every student’s memory, aside from the interaction with fellow schoolmates, there will be unforgettable moments that they will have with their teachers. 

In celebration of “World’s Teacher’s Day”, the students of FEU Roosevelt Cainta were given a chance to send messages that show their love and appreciation for their beloved teachers. Each entry were posted at FEU Roosevelt Gazette’s Facebook page where everyone, especially the teachers, will be able to see, react, and comment on any of the posts. The next thing they knew, Tamaraw’s news feeds were filled with different messages for different teachers. Some entries were funny, and some were touching. But one thing is for sure, it is clearly seen in those entries how big of a help their roles were that made the students grow and exercise their skills.

Through Snapshots, they were able to send their gratitude to the people who mentored and taught them a lot of lessons that will be helpful in their future. Their duties and responsibilities are much harder and challenging than the students can imagine. Their job requires more than knowing a lot of facts and information. So, through small gestures like sending a short message will already mean a lot for them. Considering that words are powerful, the students can use it to show how much they appreciate their teachers.  It may or may not cause them to drop a few tears, but the overflowing joy will surely be present in their hearts.

Despite the pandemic, it did not stop any of the Tamaraws to think and come up with different ideas to show their appreciation for their beloved teachers that have been at their side for years now. Laughs and cries were exchanged, and love was truly felt between students and their teachers as it marks the celebration’s success. 

Appreciating Mentors on World Teacher's Day Celebration
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