Why choose FEU Roosevelt?

More than 85 years in education

Established in Marikina in 1933 then to Cainta and Rodriguez

  • A member of the FEU Group of Schools, FEU Roosevelt brings Far Eastern University’s quality education to Metro East via our three campuses in Marikina, and Cainta and Rodriguez in Rizal.
  • Our blended approach uses innovations in education technology to enrich traditional instruction.
  • Modern facilities and enhanced curriculum provide a learning environment that prepares our students for future success.

Future-Ready Learning

Using the newest and best educational technology for teaching and learning

RCI on Canvas

An online system where teachers will post lessons, references, projects, assignments, tests, announcements— used by the best schools in the United States


Roosevelt College, Inc., will run a 5-month pilot program to test ALEKS for mathematics in selected grade school and high school sections. ALEKS uses artificial intelligence to provide lessons appropriate to the individual students’ assessed level, adjusted to modules the student completes in the program.


After one year of using these science kits in the classrooms, RCI has determined that this program is very effective in engaging the students in the fundamentals of science and that working with the kits stimulates their creative and critical thinking.

Future-Ready Learning

Blended Learning

New technology is an important part of learning for the future. But Roosevelt College recognizes that the teacher continues to play an important role in the learning experience of our students. From grade 4 to 12, we therefore use a “Blended Learning” approach that combines the best of different teaching strategies based on books, e-learning tools, performance tasks, and extra-curricular activities to ensure that our students are well-rounded and develop a love of learning that will last.

Future-Ready Learning

Dynamic Curriculum

The Roosevelt College curriculum is designed by first identifying the overall characteristics that we want all Roosevelt College, Inc., students and graduates to have at each level of learning and when they complete their course of learning with us. We then work backwards and list the specific skills and knowledge that they will need to eventually become the ideal Roosevelt College student who will succeed in his or her chosen future.

Future-Ready Learning

Developing a Love for Reading and Writing

The Roosevelt College, Inc., Reading/Writing Program for the elementary and high school department effectively turns our students into lovers of books and reading, and into expressive essay writers. Roosevelt College, Inc., has invested in building an impressive collection of library and classroom reading books that are now in great demand by our students.

Future-Ready Learning

Improving Facilities
Equipment and

This school year, RCI is opening its first new school building in its Rodriguez campus. This is a 4-story building with 20 classrooms each fitted out with air-conditioners and glassboards. We will start with 2 model classrooms with modular desks that can be reconfigured for either individual or group activities. Two labs will be dedicated to our SAP program or other online activities requiring high-powered computers.We have also constructed a multi-purpose covered gym in Rodriguez and completed 8 new classrooms in the high school wing.

Construction of a 7-story building in underway in our Marikina campus and will be ready for occupancy before school year 2018-2019.

We have initial plans for new buildings in Cainta and our other campuses.

Future-Ready Learning

The FEU Advantage

The leadership has shown that it is serious about reviving and improving on the heights of achievement that Roosevelt College has known in the past and will again realize in the near future.

The management of Roosevelt College, Inc., by Far Eastern University has brought with it innovations and improvements in the way Roosevelt College runs its operations academically, administratively, and in terms of its physical environment.

FEU Roosevelt Cainta
  • 35 D Sumulong Hwy, Cainta, 1900 Rizal
  • Tel No: +632 8681-6210
  • CP No.: 0960-558-1885
FEU Roosevelt Marikina
  • J.P. Rizal St., Lamuan, Marikina City
  • Tel No: +632 8941-4093
  • CP No.: 0960-558-1889
FEU Roosevelt Rodriguez
  • Manggahan, Rodriguez, 1860 Rizal
  • Tel No: +632 8998-2489
  • CP No.: 0960-558-1892

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